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he SRC (Student Responsibility Center) is where students are given time to reflect on their choices and the consequences. This is a separate classroom, staffed by monitors (members of AHS staff) where students can have time to work on the problem with more individualized attention and without disrupting their classmates. SRC includes the following four stages all targeted at getting the student back on track.
Reflective Conversation
Monitors in the SRC engage the students in conversation to assist the student in recognizing where they made the wrong choices.
When students are ready, they are taught how to develop a plan by looking within themselves and defining what is important to them. They are then asked to reflect on the standards that they would use to achieve their goals. Once established, they work out a plan to achieve their goals in a way that does not violate the rights of others in the school environment.
Student SRC Monitor Role Plays
The purpose is to assist the students who have completed their plan to practice using the plan. The monitor role-plays the situations similar to those in which the students had been involved. Through this role-play, the students get to experience and check the effectiveness of the plan before meeting with the referring person in charge.
Contacting Parents
The purpose is to inform the parents about their child and to ask for their support and ideas that would assist the school in working with their child.