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Learning a language is not just learning about its pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, it is learning to see the world as the other culture sees it. It is also learning to see your own culture from a new perspective. Studying a foreign language can improve your cognitive and critical thinking abilities. Three years of language study on your record will catch the eye of anyone reading your college application. No matter what your career choice, knowledge of a foreign language gives you an advantage. The State of Michigan has added two credits of a world language to the graduation requirements (by the graduating Class of 2016). For more information on the new MDE graduation requirements, click here,


In order to prepare today’s students for success in an ever-expanding and changing global economy, Annapolis High School currently offers four years of study in two foreign languages: Spanish and French.  Our program emphasizes multi-media assisted, proficiency-oriented language and multicultural instruction with the goal of preparing students for future exposure to foreign languages in their communities and undergraduate programs.  We also strive to foster personal enjoyment and enrichment through the classroom experience in our aim to develop life-long language learners.
Our mission is…
  1. to promote student interest in learning a second language
  2. to assist students as they acquire a second language
  3. to provide appropriate instruction for students which facilitates second language acquisition
Our students should be able to…
  1. communicate in the target language for real purposes
  2. interpret authentic materials
  3. negotiate meaning in the target language

Our curriculum is based on…
the National Foreign Language Standards (the 5 Cs)
proficiency-oriented language teaching

Our best practices include providing…
  • an environment rich in meaningful use of the target language
  • structured input which is both comprehensible and meaningful
  • an active, student centered environment
  • an environment characterized by a low affective filter
  • task based activities to support extended student communication.
AHS also offers online courses through Brigham Young University and Michigan Virtual High School. Additional languages -- Japanese, Russian, Latin, German, Spanish, Chinese, and English as a second language are all offered in an online format.
French -- Jessica Harmon
AHS also offers a French Club and a Spanish Club,