Week of September 18, 2023

 MP2:  Constitution Day
You can choose a combination of any of the following to do/show your class:
Divide your class into teams and do an interactive quiz jeopardy style: 
http://www.constitutionfacts.com/?page=50QTest2.cfm for an interactive quiz on the U.S. Constitution. 
The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights
Three Branches Rap-
The Bill of Rights Rap-
Homecoming information-

Cross Country- 4:00 Taylor Heritage Park

 Swimming Girls 6:30 Memorial High School Wayne
JV and Varsity Volleyball 5:30/7:00 Home



ALICE Drill 

Volleyball-Freshman and JV 5:30 Romulus 

Volleyball- Varsity- 7:00 Romulus

MP2:  Check-in with your students to see how they are doing.  Check their grades under the student profile.  
Have them construct a SMART Goal:
Use the following link to help guide the process.
1. Specific-
2. Measurable- 
3. Attainable-
4. Relevant-
5. Time-Based- 
Have them put it somewhere safe as we will revisit it on a weekly basis to see if they are on track in accomplishing their goal and/or if they need to revise or rewrite it.


Discover Day at Henry Ford College

Football Home 7:00-Romulus



Looking Ahead...
  • September 26 Swimming at Crestwood

  • September 28 Volleyball home vs Melvindale

  • September 29 Football away Melvindale 6:00

  • October 3- Volleyball home 7:00  Swim home 6:00

  • October 5 Swim home 6:00

  • October 6 Football Homecoming 7:00 PICTURE RETAKE DAY 

  • October 7 Homecoming Dance at 7:00 at Grecian Center

  • October 10 Swim at Garden City

  • October 12 Swim home 6:00

  • October 13 Football away 7:00 Crestwood

  • October 17 Swim home 6:00 Volleyball TBA

  • October 19 Swim at Romulus

  • October 20 Football away Summitt

  • October 24th Volleyball home 7:00 Swim at Thurston  TESTING for 10th and 11th graders only 

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