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boa                 Welcome!!                                          
My name is Ms. Gratton-Clark - and the LMC is always seeing changes!
The FEATURED FICTION section is our way of encouraging the love of reading by introducing award-winning and new releases of 
best-selling fiction.  It's a wall of reading enjoyment!

The Media Center continues to highlight an exciting combination of print, e-books, and audio books, as well as a wide array of databases. Videos? Journal articles? Podcasts? We have them all.
Need a place to do a project? The LMC is it! And if you need to 
de-stress and refocus during lunch - come try adult coloring,  
a game of chess, or watching the news in 
The Bookmark!
Reading abounds! Orca Quick Reads, Seven (the Series) and The Secrets series are sure to engage and intrigue. 
Learn about Seven (the Series) at:

Non-fiction still exists! New titles are added for research and yes, for leisure reading. Bookshelf "call-out" signage will help you find favorite subjects: UFOs, mythology, sports, pirates, animals, history - you name it! Now, it's easy to browse and find!
Looking for research information? Always begin at our Useful Links page. It is available at school or at home - and may be found in the left frame above. Be sure to check it out!

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Bookmark 25%

Welcome to the Library Media Center!
Our coffeeshop, 
The Bookmark, 
is open throughout the day
and offers healthy beverages.
For research, reference, and leisure reading,
as well as for multimedia production and learning opportunities, we offer:

  • +12,000 books, +30 print magazines, +400 video/audio recordings, and the We the People Bookshelf Collection and the Picturing America visual art collection
  • 39 Chromebooks and a 24-computer lab 
  • Print, non-print and multimedia Career Planning materials
  • Digitized downloadable reference collection with multiple language translations and audio capabilities
  • Access to multimedia tools and color printing capabilities 
  • Assistive technology for reading support
  • Wide selection of informational text 



It is the mission of the Annapolis High School Library Media Center to bring 
to the school community:

acilitate the use and navigation of the LMC, 
ssist students and staff in determining, accessing, testing and applying all forms of information, 
elebrate the enjoyment of reading, viewing, listening, creating, and collaborating.
T each information literacy skills as a foundation for life-long learning, 
S upport the school curriculum by providing resources that enhance and extend classroom instruction.

The Library Media Center.
It's not just for reading anymore!

Creative bookmark 

Questions? Contact:
B. Gratton-Clark
313-203-3300 ext 3313