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Handbook & Code of Conduct

The AHS student handbook can also be found in the AHS Student Planner. Parents are encouraged to review this document with their son/daughter.

Please contact the AHS office with any questions


Inside Front Cover 

Inside Front Cover 
 Manual Table of Contents    Mission Statement Page 
 General Information Table of 
   General Information Section 
 Code of Conduct Table of Contents      Code of Conduct Section
 School Policies Table of Contents    School Policies Section
 Attendance Policy Table of Contents    Attendance Policy Section
 Counseling Services Table of Contents    Counseling Services Section 
  Students Activities Table of Contents     Student Activities Section
 Student Discipline Table of Contents     Student Discipline Section
  Academic Support Services 
Tableof Contents
   Academic Support Services
 Tardy Program Table of Contents    Tardy Program Section
   Board Policy Table of Contents    Board Policy Section 
 Policy 5611-Due Process      School Songs 
  AHS PBIS Matrix   Calendar 
 School Map      Parking Map